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Weechat & Matrix Encryption Guide

Posted on Mar 7 2019

There’s a new-fangled Python WeeChat plugin that supports end-to-end encryption. This guide will walk you through what is currently a semi-annoying setup, as the entire project is still under heavy development.


Python Versions

We need to establish which version of Python your WeeChat is using. You can find this out in WeeChat with /python version. In my case, my python binary is 3.7.2 (python -V) while my WeeChat Python version is 2.7.15.


There are a number of dependencies we can go ahead and start grabbing. The main repository lists a number of them in the README, so we will grab those. We also need to install libolm however you would do that for your environment.

sudo pip2 install pyOpenSSL typing webcolors future atomicwrites attrs logbook pygments
pacaur -S libolm # or for Ubuntu (and maybe Debian?): sudo apt-get install libolm-dev

Notice that we left out the matrix-nio dependency. It’s not in PyPi, so we can’t just pip2 install matrix-nio (yet!) and PyPi’s nio package is something probably unrelated, so we’ll need to install it manually.

Installing matrix-nio

Let’s go ahead and clone down the repository and get ready to do some stuff:

git clone
cd matrix-nio

If you’re looking around, documentation seems a bit sparse on how to do this, but it has a mostly normal manual Python package installation workflow.

First, lets grab all the dependencies specific to the matrix-nio package:

sudo pip2 install -r ./rtd-requirements.txt

And now we expect to be able to install it:

sudo python2 ./ install

But you’ll see the install script pauses for a second before we get an odd error:

Processing dependencies for matrix-nio==0.1
Searching for python-olm@ git+
Couldn't find index page for 'python-olm' (maybe misspelled?)
Scanning index of all packages (this may take a while)
No local packages or working download links found for python-olm@ git+
error: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('python-olm@ git+')

Out of the box, Python packages’ scripts seem to not know how to handle packages whose URL specifies to grab it via VCS, such as git+. So we’ll just help it out and grab it ourselves (instead of tinkering with anybody’s scripts):

sudo pip2 install -e git+

Now we should have everything we need to install the matrix-nio Python package:

sudo python2 ./ install

Weechat Plugin Installation

Once we’ve done that, we should have all the dependencies for weechat-matrix, so let’s go ahead and clone that and install it!

git clone
cd weechat-matrix
make install



The rest is up to you! You’ll need to configure your Matrix servers within WeeChat and then verify keys. Verifying keys isn’t a particularly clean process at the moment, but I expect it shall improve. For now, I followed this basic process in WeeChat: